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From the minds of gamers.
We saw a need in the gaming market. Console and accessory modification is a large part of the gaming world. The problem was that gamers buy mod kits for their controllers only to find out they were too complex to assemble themselves. So we partnered with an engineering team to get a product to the gamers that eliminates the technical curve, and offers more than the standard mod kit does.

What does it do?
The INTENSAFIRE™ modifies XBOX 360 controllers (CG, Matrix and wireless), allowing them to control 5-mode sleeper settings, and use customizable user programmable modes. It uses the existing Sync button to toggle modes, and on and off. It also enables dual rapid-fire- usable in all XBOX 360 games, including gamer favorites: Left 4 Dead, the Call of Duty series, the Halo series, the Gears of War series, and Street Fighter.

How is it better?
5-mode sleeper mod kits exist. Dual rapid-fire mod kits exist. The INTENSAFIRE™ mod kit has both. There are controllers on the market, prefabricated, that do what the INTENSAFIRE™ offers, each controller going for well over $100. We offer a mod kit that is extremely simple to install, taking no more than 3 minutes with minimal tools for less than 1/4th the cost of the prefabricated units. Other mod kits require drilling, wiring, gluing, and deconstruction of your controllers. The INTENSAFIRE™ only needs a few existing points to solder to connect the INTENSAFIRE™ flex board to the controller and you're ready to go!


For the absolute clearest instructions, watch our instructional video.

*PLEASE NOTE* -All Xbox 360 IntensaFIRES versions 1.3 in gold or green/black in color have the 1.4 version code.

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