Intensafire 3.0 Instructions

Enabling the 3.0
When you first turn on your controller the mod is disabled. To turn on the mod you just have to enter a mode.

Disabling the 3.0
To disable the mod once it is activated simply tap the sync button without triggers pressed

Selecting a mode
Make sure the controller is on, then hold down the right trigger (RT) and with that still down tap the sync button (top of controller) blank number of times, then release the RT trigger.
Each time you press the Sync button the 4th player LED will flash. Once you release RT the LED will flash the number of time you pressed the Sync button, and that indicates the mode you are now in.

Mode 1: Rapid Fire (Call of Duty series)
Simply pull the R1 trigger and it will Rapid fire for you.

Mode 2: Rapid Fire (Gears of War series)
Simply pull the R1 trigger and it will Rapid fire for you.

Mode 3: Dual Rapid Fire (akimbo)
By holding either the R1 or L1 the controller will rapid fire with both triggers.

Mode 4: Sniper double tap
Simply pull the R1 trigger and it will fire two shots (great for snipers)

Mode 5: On-the-Fly Self Programmable Mode
This mode is very easy to program the rate of fire you would like the rapid fire to be set at. One in mode 5 the player 4 LED will be lit up, this indicates that you are able to adjust the rapid fire. To speed up the rapid fire all you do is pull the L1 trigger, the more times you pull the trigger the more steps up the scale you will ascend and making your rapid fire faster if you. The scale runs in a circle, if you keep pulling the L1 trigger it will go from the fastest setting and then start climbing back up. You are able to test the fire rate the entire time by using the R1 trigger to fire. If you like how fast the gun is firing lock it in the speed by taping the sync. Then you will be able to use the L1 like normal again.

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